Riding Tips

Riding SYVT is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Every trip has a starting point and ending destination.  So, first things first, determine your starting point and ending destination.
  2. You’ll need to know when you want to go.  So, choose the day and time you want to travel.
  3. Check our fixed-routes to see which route best meets your needs.  

If you can use a little more help, speak with an SYVT transit specialist at (805) 688-5452.

Here are some helpful hints to make your trip as pleasant as possible:

  • Invite friends to join you.  It’s more fun to rideshare!
  • Have exact fare.  Drivers cannot give you change.
  • Let anyone getting off the bus depart from the bus first before you attempt to board. 
  • Every driver appreciates a “hello” with a smile!
  • Be sure to dress for the weather so you’re comfortable while you wait for the bus to arrive.
  • Remember, it may be more economical to get a multi-trip pass instead of just a one-way pass.
  • If it’s dark or cloudy, wear light colored clothes so you’re easily seen by the driver.  Or flash the light of your smartphone to signal the driver.
  • If you bring your bike, be sure to have it clearly labeled with your name and contact information in the event you forget to take your bike when you get off the bus. And, make sure you let your driver know you need to get your bike when you disembark.
  • Be sure to check your seat before you leave the bus to make sure you’ve not forgotten something.