Rates & Billing Information

Billing Schedule

Day of Month
Billing / Payment Event
10th day of the month
Bank drafting for previous billing period. This applies to all accounts that have signed up for bank drafting.
20th day of the month
Water Division will start reading meters. Meter reading takes about 3 days.
25th day of the month
Final date to accept water payments. After the 25th, the water payments are late and will be charged a penalty.
26th day of the month, or 1st business day after 25th
Delinquent or Shut Off notices are sent out. Penalties are placed on delinquent accounts.
27th to 28th day of the month
Final payments are posted for the month. Bills are calculated and printed.
30th or 31st of the month
Bills are mailed to customer, and due on presentment, but no later than the 25th of the month.