Administrative Services & Finance

The mission for the Department of Finance is primarily to protect the City's and therefore the public's assets. The finance department consists of accounting, revenue management and information technology.

Revenue Management

Revenue management consists of managing the City's investments and Business Certificate program; transient occupancy tax (TOT) collections, accounts receivable, cashiering and bank deposits, revenue forecasting, and utility billing.


Accounting consists of maintaining the general ledger and chart of accounts, reconciling bank statements, monitoring and authorizing departmental purchasing, developing and monitoring the City's budget, maintaining the City's fixed asset system and inventory, preparing deposits and reports, and grant funding applications and reporting. 

Information Technology

Information Technology consists of ensuring the support and maintenance of organization wide systems including; telephones, voice mail, cell phones, radios, wireless devices, and servers. 


Government agencies are required by law to be audited on an annual basis.  Annually, the City prepares a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which includes the audit report as well as financial and statistical information for the public.  The City has received an award for its CAFR for 28 of the last 29 years from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)!

View the City's most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.